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   The Kratom Syndicate is a well known Kratom vendor and serving the Kratom enthusiasts since 2016. Many people and reviewers count them in the top five kratom vendors of the kratom industry. They have been a member of American Kratom Association, GMP programme. The vendor was not active in 2017 and after that they came back again with a bang, good business practices and reduced prices to serve customers with quality and passion.. The price range they offer is a bit higher than many other vendors but the quality is also remarkable, they claim that ‘’you get what you pay’’.

Why to prefer them?

According to many reviews and positive comments by its customers the vendor is undoubtedly unbeatable in quality. No matter the price is not too low but the quality compensates here.  Premium kratom powder and herbal extracts are their specialities. They offer kratom in freshly dried crushed leaves, super enhanced kratom powders, kratom extracts and capsules. They offer kratom in kilograms for bulk purchase, also they offer discounts and offers by time which attract new customers to shop from them.

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Products and price

TKS offers kratom in green, white and red strains. Their exclusive product line and price range is as follows;

  • Green Kratom – Panther, Kapuas, Super Maeng Da, Stem and Vein, Super Indo, Sulawesi, Jong Kong, & Bali
  • Red Kratom – Panther, Bali, Kapuas, MitraX, Stem and Vein, Maeng Da, Sulawesi, Super Indo, & Queen
  • White Kratom – Elephant, Maeng Da, Kapuas, Sulawesi, Jong Kong, & Horned
  • Extracts – Kratom Resin Solid, Resin Powder, 3-Strain Extract Blend, Red MitraX, 60:1 Natural Kratom Reduction Extract, Red Queen, & Crystal Skull Extract
  • TKS Signature Series – Green Vein, White, Vein, Red Vein, & Elite Maeng Da

An overlook on the price range is mentioned below;

    • Capsule 200-count bottles cost $69.
    • Powder all the bags weighed 125g, cost estimated from $30-$35.
  • Extracts estimated price range for this product line is from $18-$89. The most running extract is Crystal Skull extract and it costs $149-$169.

Customer service and return policy

According to many comments and reviews from customers the vendor seems to have excellent customer service. You can contact them anytime by dropping a msg in a chat box on their website and they will come back to you soon.They have the best return policy unlike many other vendors. You can return a product if you are not satisfied, only you have to do is that you have to return the product within 30 days of shipment and the product should be almost 75% of its original weight. Also they accept the returns in any condition whether the product is opened or unopened, doesn’t matter. After that they will approve your return and you can get an exchange or cashback.

Payment and shipping

Payment methods they offer are; Cryptocurrencies, COD or e-check. Mostly they prefer Bitcoin or Zelle.

After reading many positive comments by customers it is crystal clear that they have the best shipping and deliveries with a professional packaging for shipping. Free shipping is offered on the purchase of over $50. They will also give you a tracking number to stay updated about your shipment until it’s delivered at your doorstep.


  • High quality kratom
  • Named among top 5 vendors
  • Unique range of strains
  • Good for medium users
  • Free delivery
  • Best return policy
  • GMP programme member
  • Happy customers
  • Fast deliveries
  • Good customer service
  • 100% cashback
  • All the products contain 100% Kratom
  • Wholesale deals


  • Website is unapproachable at many times
  • High price comparatively


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